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Welcome to Sushi Kyu!

Explore our private dining experience

At Sushi Kyu, we offer an exclusive private dining experience for our customers. Our experienced sushi chef will prepare authentic Japanese sushi using the highest quality fresh seafood and ingredients, providing a culinary delight for you and your guests. Contact us to book your private dining experience today!

We offer a variety of sushi menus tailored to your occasion and budget, from corporate events to private gatherings. Our sushi bar offers take away, delivery, and stand up sushi services. Our catering service can provide sushi platters for your next event or party.

Private Dining

Our private dining experience at Sushi Kyu is perfect for small gatherings, business meetings, and special occasions. Contact us to book a table or the entire restaurant.

Catering Service

Our catering service offers a variety of sushi platters for your next event or party. We can customize the menu to suit your needs and budget. Contact us to place your order.

Bar Services

Our bar offers a variety of sake, wine, and beer to complement your sushi meal. We also offer Japanese-inspired cocktails to enhance your dining experience.

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